Marbella City Council says that its only interest is that Roca “repay its debt in the Fastest way”

Marbella City Council says that its only interest is that Roca “repay its debt in the Fastest way”

Roca saliendo del juzgado en régimen de autogobierno


The spokesman for the government team of Marbella (Malaga), Felix Romero, said Monday that the only interest of the City Council is that he was an advisor to Urbanism with the government of GIL and the main condemned by the case ‘Malaya’ against the corruption in the locality, Juan Antonio Roca, to whom the Court of Penitentiary Surveillance of the National Court has granted the third degree after more than eleven years in prison, “resarza” the debt he has with the Consistory.

To questions from journalists, Romero has indicated that “we are very interested in that the debt that the courts have already recognized that you have with the City is liquidated as quickly as possible and not be frustrated under any circumstances.”

According to the municipal spokesman, Roca “neither fully compensated Marbella nor sufficiently”, but recalled that the court proceedings affecting the principal sentenced in the case ‘Malaya’ have “economic amounts and goods locked with embargoes.”


“We knew that to compensate Marbella is neither easy nor immediate and we are still in a position to make effective these embargoes, in which there is a tangle of procedures, a central Administration that also wants to charge and all kinds of complications,” he said.

Romero has reiterated that the “purpose” of the City Council is “to give the battle while there is a good seized or a euro to collect”, pointing out that the Consistory has “a generic interest in justice being fulfilled with the whole world”. From there, he added, “we have no special interest in anyone being deprived of freedom.”

The spokesman has ensured that the legal representation of the City Council will study the “approaches that may arise from a court” to adopt the relevant legal measures based on “the purpose of the Consistory and that is not other than to reverse the largest number of funds” to the municipal coffers.


The Court of Penitentiary Surveillance of the National Court agreed to the progression to third degree of Roca, “in the modality of Article 86 TL”, which states that the departures must be regulated by the Treatment Board and in its fourth paragraph indicates that the inmates may be placed outside the center of social integration through telematic devices, which he must accept.

In this sense, the magistrate’s order, to which Europa Press has had access, indicates that the intern will reconcile professional and voluntary work, specifically at the Nuestra Señora de la Merced Center, which will allow “continuing the activity of the inmate. “

The judge considers that with this Roca “has taken a step further”, since “voluntarily and without any retribution has offered to collaborate” with this NGO.

From Cárita have indicated to Europa Press that “it will proceed with the same normality as with any volunteer because it is one more person who comes to collaborate”, plus there are other people in third grade who collaborate with the center, which has been running for many years .

The center is responsible for helping the reintegration of inmates and ex-prisoners, who are advised on aspects such as training, job search and social skills expansion, among others.

For the concession of this regime of semi-freedom, the magistrate has taken into account several factors, such as having a positive activity to pay the economic responsibilities to which he has been convicted, through the sale of goods; in addition to that the penitentiary behavior is “excellent”, participating in the Legal Aid commission of the Respect module, among others.

He has had eight permits and more than 24 departures of self-government, “all of them without any negative impact,” says the judge in a car, noting that, in addition, Roca has provided a job offer and has taken responsibility for their actions.

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