Loans with Asnef, the alternative to settle debts

Image result for asnefExperts say that in Spain there is a high rate of consumers who have outstanding debts and, although often unpaid bills are not of vertigo, accumulate a default after another is not a good taste for anyone, not only to have to face them in the near future, but also because of the few possibilities that we have left to get a solution.

The good news is that when one door closes, another one opens so, if due to small debts you figure in files of defaulters like Asnef or RAI, in HelpMyCash we tell you where you can apply for loans with Asnef to pay outstanding bills and leave the list- PURPLE Payday Loans.

5 entities that grant loans with Asnef

In the following table, you will find the five private lenders that grant loans with Asnef to people that appear in the file. The requirements to be able to access this type of financing are exactly the same as when a normal fast loan is requested but two more are added: the debt cannot be more than € 1,000, with the exception of ViaSMS, and cannot be related to other financial entities, whether private or banks.

Lender Maximum amount Price from € 100 to 30 days Advantage  
Cashper € 500 (also new customers) € 37 Lender with European banking license
ViaSMS € 600 (€ 300 new customers) € 35 Accept debts of up to € 2,000
Supports extensions of up to 30 days
Kredito24 € 750 (up to € 500) € 35 Available 24/7
Extension of the term of up to 30 days
€ 25 gift for taking a friend
Free Prepaid Mastercard Card
Zaimo Up to € 5,000 (also new customers) Between 5% and 12% per month
PepeDinero Up to € 500 (€ 250 new customers) € 30 Available 24/7
25% discount on the total cost
Free early amortization
Extension of up to 30 days
€ 25 gift for each recommendation

What is the situation in Spain with respect to late payments?

D & B informs, leaders in the supply of commercial, financial and marketing information, has conducted a study on the behavior of payments by Spanish companies during the first quarter of 2015. According to the data of the report, the average postponement of payments is of 17.05 days but, although there is an improvement compared to the previous three months, whose average was 17.18 days, Spain is still below the European average, which is 14.96 days.

After knowing the results, we can affirm that delinquency is a trend in Spain, both among financial majors and among consumers. Sales fall, companies go bankrupt and society increasingly weighed the bills, which leads to an increase in debts. The main causes of this situation are the high unemployment rate and job insecurity generated by the economic crisis.